Pissed Off Housewife

Pissed Off Housewife

Pissed Off Housewife

Look out! This is one pissed momma. She’s not pissed off about being a housewife but is a housewife pissed off with the the things happening (or not happening) around her. Mediocre moms watch out. She says it as it is and if you don’t want to hear the truth…keep out.

Visual Aesthetics – 4

Plain. Gray. Bleak. Ugly. Hey wonderful housewife (this isn’t sarcastic she really sounds like a really good one) your house might look great but your blog needs sprucing up! God bless you for being a good mom but can’t you at least put some color here? But if it’ll take time away from your kids then I’ll gladly visit a blog that looks like this than a really cool looking blog of a mom who spends less than 2 hours with her kids each day.

User Friendliness – 9

Fast loading time. Very readable text. The spacing looks really weird but makes for great readability. Definitely no squinting needed to read the posts. Very simple straightforward navigation. The only “user unfriendly” thing about this blog is the way it looks and the fact that the labels should be on the sidebar instead of a long list at the bottom of the page.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

The posts were actually enjoyable. It is refreshing to read someone sticking up for good old values and responsibility. It is refreshing to read that a family actually sits together more than 5 times a week for dinner and that a housewife misses her husband. It is refreshing to read something politically incorrect yet honest and not offending. It is also very interesting to read of someone who knows OJ Simpson and apparently knows another celebrity who’s being splashed all over the news recently. Her entry layout is unconventional but it works since it makes for short readable entries. But as the author says this blog is for housewives and other people might not be as interested in what she has to write.

User Info – 5

A few interesting tidbits here and there. Mostly you’ll read rants without much useful information to dish.

Overall Experience – 7

A very good blog to read especially if you’re a housewife. Working women will benefit from this blog too especially if you’re dreaming of quitting your job and staying at home full time. Men will also benefit much and will probably go crazy wanting a housewife like just like this one. First glance tells you this blog is a bore a single read will tell you it’s great.