Henry The Adequate


Henry the Adequate

Henry is a superhero. Well, actually, he’s a computer technician, but even Superman needed a day job. In the spirit (and writing style) of Douglas Adams, this blogger talks about Life, the Universe, and Everything. You’ll also find hints of the Mogambo Guru, Groo the Wanderer, Atland, Steven Wright, Terry Pratchett, Henry the Octopus, and The Tick– so if any of those names ring a bell, visit the site.

Visual Aesthetics – 7

It’s a simple olive green background, with few photos, links all to one side. Very basic structure, which doesn’t hurt the eyes, but sometimes makes you feel like you’re swimming on a very big, blank page.

User Friendliness – 8

The entries are archived on the side, and the titles are clear enough to clue you in on what you’ll expect. And with few pictures, downloading is a breeze.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

It’s good writing, and will appeal to comic book fans and anyone with a quirky sense of humor.

User Info – 7

It’s not really a place where you’ll find info, more of a place where you drop the known laws of the universe and take the most bizarre flights of the imagination in the most matter of fact way.

Overall Experience – 8

It might not appeal to everybody, but for those who do love this kind of humor, it can get addictive.