The Bold Soul

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The Bold Soul

No, this is not the blog of a stunt car driver or a bunjee jump instructor- this “bold soul” handles much scarier stuff. Embracing Life. She’s packed her bags, moved to Paris, and is navigating both a strange country and the surreal existence of being single in her forties. Nevertheless, she takes it with humor and a marvellous appreciation of the finer things of life: friendship, faith, and chocolate. Lots of chocolate…..

Visual Aesthetics – 9

Love the clean, modern look that reminds us of Martha Stewart Living but with more spunk. Gorgeous selection of photos, uncluttered autumn background of yellow, red and white, and good font selection.

User Friendliness – 9

Easy download time, since the photos are kept to a manageable size, and the very organized format makes navigation intuitive even for first time users. Archives and Links to other pages lead you to the specific entries you’re looking for.

Reading Enjoyment – 10

She’s a professional writer, which is always a plus. Excellent writing voice, and a very modern voice that balances an appealing vulnerability with a “what the heck, let’s have fun anyway!joie de vivre.

User Info – 9

Aside from the entries, there are links to writer’s resources, guides to France and even a list of her recommended “books for bold souls“.

Overall Experience – 9

Very very fun read. Some entries will make you laugh, others will make you think, and most will make you nod vigorously in front of your computer screen as you shriek- “Oh My God, she so gets me!