Great Dane

Two Great Danes Christmas Getup

Great Dane Addict

Soon as you get to the blog you’ll realize how appropriate the blog title is with many of his posts containing pictures of his true love – Diesel.

Visual Aesthetics – 9

Very simple very white background. Very effective look as it focuses the attention on the posts and the images found on each posts. I like the simplicity yet and clean feel of this blog since there are too many blogs around which go on background and color overload.

User Friendliness – 8

With the very simple layout one would think this blog would be very user friendly. It has one major problem though. There is no link to to the previous posts at the bottom of the page. True that there’s a recent posts section on the right sidebar but almost anyone who reads blogs are used to simply clicking on the previous posts link if you simple want to get to the next older post. Another problem but a minor one at that is that the font size is a bit on the small side. Though still readable to me those with vision problems might have a harder time squinting just to read the text.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

The posts are usually short so there’s not much reading to do here. The pictures are great though even if you’re not really into dogs. Nice interesting shots which make for enjoyable viewing.

Useful Info – 6

Not a blog to go scrounging around for information at all. This blog was meant to share the author’s passion for his dog and his newfound love – crafts. Mostly though he shares it through images and not by giving out any real useful info.

Overall Experience – 8

If you enjoy looking at dogs and crafts ( a pretty weird but nice combination) then Great Dane Addict is ideal for you. One thing’s for certain you will always see quality photos in this blog.

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