Celebrity Chefs

Mario Batali
Celebrity Chefs 

The blog where food, food lovers, and creators of mouth-watering dishes are given the spotlight.

Visual Aesthetics – 7

There’s something awry with Celebrity Chefs‘ template. Whether I view the blog using Internet Explorer or Firefox the sidebar just isn’t at the side when viewing the homepage. It’s at the very bottom of the blog making for a very weird look and a long time scrolling down. The funny thing is it is all set to right when you proceed to the next page. The color scheme and over all design is not very palatable but a single look at the images found in most posts draws your eyes to the mouth-watering food. Automatic visual palate teaser.

User Friendliness – 7

Simple layout. Readable fonts. Usual ways to navigate. Would have been an eight if not for the “bottom sidebar”.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

If you love food and love watching cooking shows then you’ll enjoy Celerity Chefs. True the recipes don’t make for a good leisure read but at least they’re easy to read and follow.

Useful Info – 10

Lots of info in this blog mostly in the form of news and recipes. You get a few tips here and there too. But if you want to keep abreast of the happenings in the culinary world and want to improve your cooking then this is a very useful blog indeed.

Overall Experience – 8

Celebrity Chefs manages to deliver what its title promises. Lots of posts about celebrity chefs with other interesting food-related posts interspersed between. Recipes posted are all from celebrity chefs so you can be sure that they’ll turn out to be very delicious (unless you really mess them up).

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