The author of Demolishers is a fifteen-year-old boy from the Philippines who is struggling with his first blog. Topics covered so far include movies, local songs, blogs and his school life.

Visual Aesthetics ? 5

The blog?s presentation is a little bit chaotic, but the image on top of the page looks good and the moving title from each post is quite nice. Some more color and order is gravely needed here, as the dark and disorganized look just doesn?t agree with the vibrant personality this kid has. Unless of course he?s going for “the angry teen” look.

User Friendliness ? 4

You will most likely, as I did, get lost in the small fonts and unsystematic placing of links and categories.

Reading Enjoyment ? 4

It was fun to read what a fifteen-year-old thought about The Da Vinci Code and about his experiences on the first day of school. Most of the stuff in this blog is trivial and badly written.

Useful Info ? 3

This is a personal blog that doesn?t have a central subject matter and the author seems happy to just be able to log in a few words regarding how his day went.

Overall Experience ? 4

This blog isn’t as bad as the score suggests, considering a fifteen-year-old boy created it. A good deal of text was written in Filipino- so the target audience here, if any, is the local public. Let’s hope that the blog matures as the author does.