Cliffor Geertz

Listening to Clifford Geertz

This blog does have some occasionally interesting political and cultural commentary, but overall it fails to compel.

Visual Aesthetics – 5

The site sticks out as having a 1990’s feel. From the plain text header with a dull solid-green background to the grainy psychodelic image that forms the background, the visuals are more of a puttoff than a turn on.

User Friendliness – 6

This blog only has a single post on the front page without any noticeable link to “previous posts.” It leaves one with the impression that there is only one post to read. There are categories and archives, but these are way below the fold after a number of links to other sites and various user actions like bookmarking and subscribing via RSS. As a first time reader, I was quite disoriented.

Reading Enjoyment – 7

Some of the posts were quite insightful and the link are generally authoritive and worthwhile. I like the fact that this blog author has chosen a theme and stuck with it. Some of the content is original in the sense that it is introducing the reader to ideas that aren’t well discussed in the mainstream. I just wish there were more commentary, more often.

Useful Info – 6

The majority of posts are what you might call “link roundups” and if you enjoy being referred to other sites with good content, then this blog might be helpful. However, I found it annoying more often than not. When I go to a blog I prefer to see original commentary as opposed to lots of links.

Overall Experience – 6

While this blog has an occasional post to make the trip worthwhile, I really found myself having to dig very deep to find anything substantial. And if you are a new visitor to the site, the front page really doesn’t do it’s job for a number of reasons mentioned above.