Bloggy Award Winner!

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?I want one!?

This is the tagline of this relative newcomer in the world of tech and gadget blogs. And these days, who isn?t a gadget geek? With the popularity of mobile phones, digital cameras, home multimedia systems, and even cool cars, everyone?s into something gadget-oriented. I want one, indeed! Gadzooki presents tech news, reviews, opinions, and links to interesting tech- and gadget-oriented information. You won?t run out of interesting things to read about from this blog all about a world of never-ending innovation.

Visual Aesthetics ? 10

Professionaly-designed with its own unique theme, Gadzooki carries the principle of readability in mind. The site won?t fail to attract your attention. The use of grey and blue shades and tints gives you a mix of steely gadget cool, and homely warmth. Most of the posts have eye-catching images, whether they be screen-caps from the latest games or photos of new gadgets.

User Friendliness ? 9

Gadzooki is among the most readable of sites I?ve seen, in terms of the contrast of the copy, and the length of content?not too short to be considered unsubstantial, but not too long to lose your attention. The links to static pages, categories, and external sites are also prominently placed. You won?t get lost, as each static page lets you easily navigate to the homepage, and to the previous/next articles. The feedback forms are also prominently marked.

Reading Enjoyment ? 9

Who isn?t into anything digital these days? Whether you?re a cellphone junkie, a Google or Apple rumour watcher, or an avid gamer, Gadzooki has something in store for you. With regular updates on the latest trends and technologies, count on the site?s authors to cook up something interesting on what?s happening in today?s tech scene.

Useful Info ? 10

In the world of tech news and blogs, you?d be hard-pressed to come up with something interesting, and yet useful. With the score of innovations we?re seeing each day, we usually don?t know which are actually relevant to our lives, and which are simply passing fads. You can trust Gadzooki to be a useful guide in bringing you what?s relevant in the technology and gadgets scene.

Overall Experience ? 10

Finding a good blog among a sea of tech blogs out there is like finding a precious gem among a mountain of stones. Gadzooki is something with great content and a visually-appealing design. The site deserves a Bloggy Award for having a good mix of good content, great design, and interesting views.