Menopause Blog


My Menopause Blog

No surprises here. The author?s profile states clearly the objective of her blog to help women deal with that most trying period of life known as menopause. She offers welcome respite from the tension of hot flushes by sharing her own experiences in a light-hearted, humorous manner and empowers her readers by supplying them with answers to their most basic questions about their condition.

Visual Aesthetics ? 8

The blog layout is uncluttered and tasteful. The absence of pictures is compensated by the presence of colorful ads on the sidebars. The use of a white background with splashes of red, orange and pink is effective in giving the site a feminine but unfrivolous feel.

User Friendliness ? 8

Credit this blogger for not adding to the stress of her menopausal readers. She offers them an easy-to-navigate and easy-to-read site.

Reading Enjoyment ? 7

The writer?s positive take on distressing topics like adrenal fatigue and memory loss is refreshing. Her posts are entertaining and interesting enough to merit a return to the site or a comment. Some things she must avoid though are misspellings (i.e., using ?loose? instead of ?lose?) and using sentence fragments.

Useful Info ? 8

The blog is very informative. Its links provide readers with answers to vital questions about menopause. A list of books to read and products to buy is also supplied.

Overall Experience ? 8

A must-read for women nearing menopause stage and for their male partners who want to understand what they?re going through, this blog makes the dreaded experience less stressful by offering valuable information or even just a shoulder to cry on.