Money Tree

Money Tree

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We all want money to grow on trees. But since it doesn’t, we have to make our own money grow. That’s what this blog is all about: keeping you up to date on the vast number of ways to make your money grow in today’s diverse economy.

Visual Aesthetics – 6

The site feels too cookie cutter, and even though it’s based on WordPress, it looks like one of the stock themes out of an old school CMS like Php Nuke. Not only that, but the header graphic only appears on the front page, replaced by text throughout the rest of the site. The green color scheme obviously keeps with the money theme of the site (at least in countries with green money).

User Friendliness – 7

While it’s not always easy to distinguish the ads from the navigation, the user knows where to look for various navigation options. The site is broken down into standard blog categories, but also highlights its best content along the two sidebars.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

I really like this personal finance blog. Not only is it updated regularly, but a large portion of its content is also exceedingly worthwhile for anyone interested in understanding money. Articles are typically just the right length to avoid boring the reader and are also formatted well for web reading.

Useful Info – 8

More often than not, this site shines when it comes to providing useful financial information. Not all the posts catch your attention, and sometimes there are long stretches of filler material, but there is also some great unique content like interviews and usable real world advice.

Overall Experience – 8

Despite it’s need of a design makeover, this site is actually worth digging into. While not all of the articles grabbed my attention, there was certainly enough to make the trip worth my while (and hopefully enough to improve my finances too!).