Cool Gadgets

Cool Gadgets

Coolest Gadgets

This blog features gadgets that stand out from all the rest; oddball gadgets, big gadgets and thematic gadgets. With brief but witty commentary, each entry gets right to the point and tells you what you need to know.

Visual Aesthetics – 7

Each post has a relevant image, which helps the reader visualize the product. However, the header graphic is way too plain for my tastes and could use some redevelopment. Still, the site is very clean and well constructed

User Friendliness – 9

Detailed, topical navigation is available in the left sidebar and in the footer of each page. The header image provides a series of ways for readers to participate in the blog, including forums, news tips and contact information. Ads are never too overwhelming and don’t really subtract from the overall usability.

Reading Enjoyment – 7

It’s good for a gadget blog, but the posts are brief without much insightful commentary. This is common with gadget blogs, but I wish that would change! Another case of going after the long-tail of search while sacrificing deep insight. There is also evidence that the posts are written in “first draft only” style as there are far too many mistakes. I do like some of their thematic posts that cover a series of gadgets within a single theme (like “pool gadgets”).

Useful Info – 7

I’d say only about 25% of the posts really grabbed my attention as being worthwhile. Like I said earlier, many of these posts are simply aimed at the long-tail of search, and thus largely ignore the user.

Overall Experience – 8

As gadget blogs go, this is pretty good. I just wish gadget blogs would be better. Typically, all you get are a single image and a paragraph of text. I’d like to see more creativity and insight.