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Flubberwinkle is the blog of a daytime “computer dabbler” and mom. Athena is what she is called and her reason for blogging is to make people laugh – plus the fact that “it is cheaper than therapy.”

Visual Aesthetics – 9
The header of Flubberwinkle is beautiful – a dolphin jumping out of the water. The rest of the blog is pleasing to the eye as well. There are lots of photos and videos which make for eye candy. The only thing that takes a little bit away from the visual aesthetics is the way the links to the Archives are bunched up all together.

User Friendliness – 10
Despite the large amount of visual aids contained in Flubberwinkle, I did not have any problems with loading time. Relevant links are also found all throughout the blog, making for easy navigation.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
I had a lot of fun watching the videos and reading the posts in Flubberwinkle. I just wish I could read Greek so that I could have understood some of the other posts as well!

Useful Info – 8
Not all of the posts contain practical information that you can use in your daily life. However, there is a good number of those posts as well as posts with lots of insight. More so, the blog seems emanate goodwill – something that is definitely useful!

Overall Experience – 9
If therapy could produce such good results as Flubberwinkle, then I suppose we all should be blogging! This blog is great for easy reading!


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  1. FlubberWinkle is one of my favorite blogs to visit so I add my voice to the “FlubberWinkle rocks” chorus!