CrazyfooL is the personal blog of Voon Choong Foo, a young man who hails from Sarawak, Malaysia. In his blog, he offers his readers a glimpse into his life and the happenings in his city.

Visual Aesthetics – 8
CrazyfooL makes use of a two-column template with a predominantly gray and black background. What is really great about the blog, in visual terms, is the proliferation of wonderful pictures within the posts. My suggestion is to make the text in the header easier to see and to have it blend better with the image. The ads at the very top of the page also take away from the visual experience. Some formatting with regard to font (size and color) gives off a bit of a cluttered look as well.

User Friendliness – 9
CrazyfooL is quite organized, even if there is a bit of a cluttered feel to it at first glance. If you look closely though, it is evident that the blogger has taken his various readers into consideration. His relevant links are easily found in the right column and his posts are in two languages – English and (I think) Chinese. He also has relevant links within his posts.

Reading Enjoyment – 7
I really enjoyed the pictures that are contained in the pages of CrazyfooL. The Siamese fighting fish are really beautiful, and so are the cacti. However, I suggest that the blogger work on his writing in English. Though it is not necessary to be perfect in the English language, it is much better if blogs in English follow the basic rules and structure.

Useful Info – 8
Being a personal blog, CrazyfooL presents a wide variety of topics. From the posts I have read, I believe that some of them present insightful information as to what can be done if someone ever visited the blogger’s part of the world.

Overall Experience – 8
CrazyfooL is a personal blog that can be enjoyed by anyone who has the same interests as the blogger. Though it can improve with regard to visuals and writing, the photos in themselves are worth paying this blog a visit.


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