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eJabs for Knowledge

Created by Matthew Jabs to “gain more knowledge, develop a new hobby, & as an attempt toward journalizing & self improvement” this blog is indeed a knowledge data-base where not only the creator but readers too can find plenty of stuff to help in their self improvement efforts. Great tips, advice, trivia, and money making opportunities.

Visual Aesthetics – 6

The blog frankly doesn’t look very appealing. Although I am a fan of blue and orange the top part of the page, which is the first thing you see when the page loads, negates the use of good colors. The sidebars are ok and not too cluttered but the big portion given to the Google ads on the upper lest portion of the main column looks so wrong. Add to that the links under the header which lead to online money making schemes and the blog looks like it’s nothing but a way to make money. Although the blog auther probably makes money out of the blog (nothing wrong with that) the look definitely doesn’t do the blog any justice since the blog is a really good one. Scrolling down the blog doesn’t look as bad but a blog this good should try to be more presentable.

User Friendliness – 9

Very user friendly. Readable, easy navigation, nice features (like email the entries), and fast loading time. Could use a bit more organization of the sidebar for a more intuitive navigation.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

The blog has such a wide range of topics that it can’t be helped that the posts are a mish mash of enjoyable and not so enjoyable ones. Depending on your interests you will find some posts irrelevant and therefore boring (like if WordPress tips and recipes if you don’t use WordPress or don’t cook) but some definitely very interesting and very much useful. The nice thing about the posts are that they are mostly concise and though some may be long the author never rambles on.

User Info – 10

Plenty of practical and highly useful advice in this blog. Lots and lots of informative entries on just about every topic you can think of. From learning how to order and eat sushi to blogging tips to making money online, each and every post leaves you readers a bit more knowledgeable in something whether important or mundane.

Overall Experience – 8

A really good informative blog. I can see this blog getting even more popular in the future especially after a little makeover. The creator’s quest to improve the his and other’s life with his blog as well the blog itself is impressive. This blog has the potential to turn into one of the really big online communities.

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