Mother Inferior

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Mother Inferior

The author might feel like a mother inferior but when it comes to writing she definitely couldn’t possibly feel the same. An author of three books, all written especially for moms and girlfriends, writing is no biggie to her. Don’t expect to find much literary stuff in her blog because this is obviously a place where she gets to relax and write just about anything she wants to, which is mostly stuff about writing and her family.

Visual Aesthetics – 9

Pretty in pink. I like the overall look of the blog. Even though there’s pink everywhere it doesn’t feel like a pink overdose thanks to the book covers that grace the sidebar. There is a bit too many links on both sidebars, especially the left one, but surprisingly it doesn’t end up looking messy but looks a bit decorative.

User Friendliness – 6

The link overload on the sidebars might look nice but it affects the user friendliness of this blog. With so much links it makes it hard to find what you’re looking for. Add to that the way too small fonts used for the links and you’ll surely get a headache scanning for the specific link you need. As always my advice is to use expandable menus or a drop down list. Another gripe is that I couldn’t find a link to Previous posts at the end of the page nor the Archives. It might be there somewhere lost among the too many links but I couldn’t find it. It would have been alright to lose the Archives if there’s a previous post link so I can navigate my way back chronologically or vice versa but missing both is just wrong.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

Plenty of enjoyable reads to be found here. A good combination of really short and longish posts. Short ones tend to be newsy in nature while longer ones are of course the personal posts more introspective posts. I enjoyed her longish posts better (Who enjoys news blasts anyway?) although those who aren’t parents yet might feel alienated and unable to connect to her posts much.

User Info – 10

A good resource for writers and moms. Moms will appreciate the honesty in the posts and will find a few practical advice here. Writers will find this blog to be very useful with tips on everything from writing to marketing. Lots of links for writers too. Book lovers will also find her book lists useful if you want to pick up a new book or two.

Overall Experience – 8

A pretty blog with grounded and very honest posts. Again this is a blog that moms and writers will appreciate. This blog reflects the life of a busy mom who trusts God to see her through her life as she balances her family and work. No supermom or super writer here but a really good mom and writer that people can identify with.

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