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Ironic Surrealism

According to VelvetHammer, “Ironic Surrealism is…conservative analysis and opinion, politics, news and issues. Both here at home and around the globe. With a bit of fun tossed in to lighten things up now and again.” Perfect blog summary. No need to say more.

Visual Aesthetics – 8

Very simple. Good blending of colors. Enough images to lend more interest. Not too cluttered although there are way too many links in both sidebars. The header needs a bit sprucing up since it looks very plain compared to the entire blog.

User Friendliness – 8

This blog is fairly user friendly with its fast loading time, readable posts, many features and ways to navigate between pages and posts. The categories are plenty and quite specific, which is good. The downside is that the entries are usually way too long and there are just too many link on both sidebars. Since the links are important a good idea will be to put them on a drop down list or an expandable menu. This will make the blog look less cluttered and will make it a lot easier for users to find links relevant to them.

Reading Enjoyment – 7

Very substantial posts with strong and well-formed opinions. Though you will be sure to disagree with some if not a lot of the author’s opinions (unless you share her politics) it is quite obvious from her posts that at least she keeps herself informed and don’t form her opinions out of simple bias and ignorance. Very nationalistic posts, a lot of rants, a lot of issues, a lot of current events. Problem is the entries get too long most of the times due to the way too many quotes. Though the quotes are inter-related and relevant a good coherent analysis from the author will be more interesting and useful to read. Links to the quotes or shorter quotes will make for better reading.

User Info – 10

A lot of information to be garnered here aside from mere opinions. Quotes, new clippings, announcements, and even a great listing of movies from her Celluloid Nirvana page.

Overall Experience – 8

A girl who clearly loves and is proud of her country. Not that she’s blind to it’s faults. If anything she can’t stand the problems that riddle her beloved America. A person with very conservative views her entries will surely spark a lot of ire from liberals all over America and even the world. I found her strength of character refreshing but really needed to disagree with some of her views while totally agreeing with others. If you want to think and be challenged with your political views visit this blog.

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