The Blog of Dysfunction

Though the blogger claims to be dysfunctional this blog reflects a person of sound mind and values. This is a blog of a pretty average student with a strong faith yet very realistic and practical thoughts.

Visual Aesthetics – 6

The plain white background and big fonts make for a clean organized look, which is good. However the blog looks a bit too plain. A more frequent use of images to accompany some entries might do the trick or the author could opt to add a bit more color in his blog.

User Friendliness – 10

The blog is very user friendly with a fast loading time, very readable text, and highly organized and easy to find sections/pages/features. I especially like the Blog Notices Section since it is very useful for visitors, whether first timers or not, as it give the latest improvements/changes in the blog, points out interesting posts, and gives other useful advice.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

This blog contains a lot of substantial posts. The author likes to delve on a lot of issues especially of the moral and religious/theological kind. Though the author is a Christian and so has clear cut biased opinions regarding moral issues you will find that the author doesn’t really get preachy nor self-righteous. Makes for a good though provoking yet still sometimes funny read. The only problem is that the entries tend to get a bit too long so that you might be discouraged to read an entry just by looking at it.

User Info – 7

A lot of opinions and thoughts expressed here but nothing much about facts or plain information. The opinions are however proabably useful to its readers since this is obviously a religious blog or the presonal blog of a religious person at least. You’ll find interesting stuff here from everyday living to parenting.

Overall Experience – 8

I enjoyed reading the posts though I did have a problem with length. People who get offended by strong opinions regarding faith and morals should stay away..or maybe read this blog to see another opnion.