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One Thing I HATE About Today

Irritated by something? Share the author’s penchant for discussing irritating stuff in her blog. You will not be expected to merely read her opinions but express your own regarding the issue or event. And if you have any useful suggestion for taking care of a particularly irritating something then feel free to share it here.

Visual Aesthetics – 10

The blog might not be chock-full of images like other visually appealing blog but it still look great due to the really cool visual theme. Props to artist Andrew Bawidamann for the great Rebel Girl. The blog art and color scheme isn’t the only nice thing about this blog but the organized and clean look ensures that the blog is aesthetically pleasing.

User Friendliness – 8

User friendly in terms of loading time, the clear readable fonts, and neat organized sidebar. My only problems that categories aren’t used (although she’s started using labels so that searching by category is probably upcoming) and there are no feeds so I can’t subscribe.

Reading Enjoyment – 10

The entries tend to get really long. They are however substantial and worth the time spent reading. You might expect a bitchy misinformed or underinformed blogger since this is pretty much a rant blog. Upon reading her entries you’ll find that the blogger is very smart and has sound opinions, which is probably why she actually notices the stupid irritating things going on around her. A great aspect of this blog is that she actually engages the readers by leaving a thought provoking question at the end of each post.

User Info – 10

A lot of info here about irritating stuff. A lot of interesting tidbits. A lot of questions. This is a good thing because the right questions are much more important than lots of raw information. Why? It let’s you think and search and finally leads you to the relevant important answers.

Overall Experience – 10

This is probably the only positive rant blog I’ve ever read. Very much worthy of a Bloggy Award. I AM subscribing IF she allows for feeds.

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