The Skirmish of Dark and Light

The blog is packed with personal anecdotes and other made up stories of comical design. This blog?s certifiably opinionated and witty author spares no one in his quest for absurdly surreal entertainment. A hugely enjoyable read- provocative even.

Visual Aesthetics ? 8

The image on the very top of the page contains the blog?s title and that of a blindfolded man in a seemingly dark and hazy backdrop. This picture sets the mood for the blog as the reader thinks, ?what does this mean?? The pertinent links are neatly positioned at the right side of the site. The links, together with some adverts look sleek. Pictures coupled with the entries are catchy and intriguing.

User Friendliness ? 8

It was easy enough to steer through the site and the links found within. The author?s entries are constantly lengthy though, resulting in very long pages. Cutting them down to smaller pages by maybe putting two or three entries per page would be nice.

Reading Enjoyment ? 8

The joy in reading Skirmish of Dark and Light derives from the author?s lack of reverence for all things established and time-honored like religion and national heroes. The frequent reference to American pop culture is sometimes over the top but always welcomed.

Useful Info ? 7

Like most blogs, this one isn?t about anything in particular, just the ravings and rantings of a free spirited mind.

Overall Experience ? 8

I was really entertained reading the anecdotes and short stories. I must say that the author is really creative and articulate- making his entries very enjoyable reads. The blog is philosophical in some ways and always irreverent.