Daily Thoughts

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Daily Thoughts

Every day, we go through hardships and problems, and we usually feel down by the middle of the day. Sometimes we even feel depressed the minute we wake up! Whether it’s because of work, or family problems, monetary concerns, we never seem to run out of things to worry about. Danny Sutanto of Hong Kong, the author of Daily Thoughts aims to lighten the load by sharing uplifting stories and messages of hope to his readers. Seemingly the eternal optimist, Danny has a knack for bringing out the good lessons and virtues from any situation in life, and this is evident with the material he posts on his blog. It’s a great read for people needing inspiration or hope, or simply a dose of Christian lessons.

Visual Aesthetics – 7

The blog uses a blue-themed Blogger default template. It’s not too snazzy, but not too simple either, since add-on features are included on the sidebar. I notice, though, that there are text items in the sidebar that aren’t uniformly formatted (some are too large), and the presence of a framed form tends to break the layout.

User Friendliness – 8

The site is readable and user friendly. With long items, only the first few paragraphs are displayed on the front page (with the full item accessible when you click “read more”), and this aids in the front page loading quickly. Usability buffs won’t be too happy, though, since the blog does not offer much in that area- there is no extensive information page or text, save for the short “About me” line, and there are no quick navigation keys or text.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

You’d be lost through pages and pages of anecdotes and stories in Danny‘s blog. You will also find links to Bible verses that the author posts on a daily basis. Most are light-heartening, and have valuable life lessons.

Useful Info – 8

I find the most useful information to be the links to Bible verses. These days, online access to Biblical text can be very handy, especially for the busy, wired Christian whose life revolves around the Internet!

Overall Experience – 8

I give Daily Thoughts an 8 for being an inspiring site. I’d have given it a higher score if the author also shared some firsthand insights and stories, which I think is more characteristic of a blog.