Christie’s Corner

Christie’s Corner
Christie’s Corner is blog of a professional writer who loves her food. She writes about her exploits in the kitchen and takes pictures that allow her readers to live her experiences vicariously.

Visual Aesthetics – 10
Christie’s Corner tops the ranks of visual aesthetics. She got me with header photo – toast that is burnt to varying degrees. This blends well with her tag line “Real food. Real life. It ain’t always pretty.” The posts are sprinkled well with relevant photos as well.

User Friendliness – 9
Christie’s Corner is a well-organized blog where you can find your way around easily. The left column contains all the relevant links and even though there are ads, they do not get in the way of navigation. The only thing I could suggest is to place the archives above the user comments to make for even easier navigation.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
If Christie cooks the way she writes, then she is a very good cook indeed! Her posts are very easy to read and her humor shines through. The photos and their captions add to the enjoyment of the reader as well.

Useful Info – 10
This blog is rife with useful information that one can use in the kitchen. There are recipes which you can try for yourself. You can also find entertaining posts which may not be recipes but provide information on food and drink.

Overall Experience – 10
Christie’s Corner is a food blog that should be part of your regular blog reading. More than the usual successes in the kitchen, Christie also tells you what NOT to do as she shares her not-so-successful endeavors. Highly recommended blog!



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  1. I love Christie’s Corner. Read it everyday. Great tips and great pics. Oh ya, the recipes are great too! Thanks Charmian!

  2. Love to read this because it has not only useful info but my dose of humour for the day !

  3. Dear Charmian,
    Well done!!! We liked you before, but even more now. I find the humour very refreshing and I love that you give people freedom to experiment in the kitchen. Congratulations, you deserve the accolades as you do take a sharp photo and make a mean chocolate torte.