Oliver Garcia riding his horse in a bubble


This is truly and undoubtedly the world of horses. With everything on horses from photographs, news, art, equine health, videos and history this blog’s dedication to gathering information about horses is quite remarkable. Strolling along the Bridlepath you’ll surely encounter a horse and a horse lover or two.

Visual Aesthetics – 10

One look and I knew what it was all bout. No need to look at the title. It’s about horses but really saying that this blog has plenty of photos of horses doesn’t do it justice. You need to visit the blog to be able to appreciate the images yourself. The blog template itself is very plain but the header and the images posted make it very very appealing.

User Friendliness – 8

The blog loads a bit slower than other due to the many images and videos but still has an acceptable loading time. The entries are easy to read since they are mostly images with a few lines or a short paragraph or two. Navigation is pretty straightforward. There are lots of links on the sidebar though it doesn’t affect navigation that much since the popular posts, categories and archives are given priority over the blogroll.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

Very few entries to “read” here since the author’s style is usually to simply place an image, describe it in a concise manner to give context, and then link to the original article. This actually works for me since you get to get only the meat here and skip the boring. If you are into horses and want a quick fix this is the blog to visit. However due to the style you won’t really get to enjoy posts in the literary sense.

User Info – 10

User info overload. Horse lovers will definitely find this site to be very useful and interesting. Did you know that there are jousting tournaments held today? There are lots of things you will definitely learn from this blog.

Overall Experience – 9

Great blog for horse lovers (and “likers”?). This would fall under animal lover but since there is no such category lets leave it at Pet Obsessed. A blog that lead me to “wasted” time as I kept on looking at back entries for more interesting horse facts.

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