Med Student


Musings of a Med Student

What goes on in the head of a med student from India? Read this blog and find out. You will find that despite much stress textbooks seem to occupy his mind less than various random things he sees and keeps on turning over in his head.

Visual Aesthetics – 7

The blog looks neat and organized at the top and middle part but gets a little bit weird at the bottom with a big blue space on the left and some ads on the right. Since visitors rarely scroll all the way down this doesn’t really create much of a problem. The Make Poverty History tag would be better off on the right side where it won’t slash into the blog title. The blog is a bit monochromatic with all the blue shades but isn’t too bland due to the colorful and usually funny images used by the author.

User Friendliness – 8

Fair loading time. Readable text. Organized sidebar. Trivia extras for visitors. Could do with a bit more organization (move up the chat box and fix the booboo in the bottom). Uses labels but not really for navigation. Uses irritating snaps.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

Some posts tend to get too long turning you off with one quick look. When you actually do read the entries you will find much wit and humor thus compensating for the length (at times). The entries are enjoyable and usually informative one way or another. Some urge you to think through an issue others just plain inform.

User Info – 10

Lots of information here for a personal blog. Scroll down a bit while eying the sidebar and find a link to upgrade to Firefox 2.0. Scroll down further and enrich your vocabulary with the word of the day. Read the posts and find plenty of interesting tidbits from the men’s version of PMS, a recipe for ham sandwich that made me go for a break mid-review, movies, his take on his classmates, and so much more.

Overall Experience – 8

I like the fact that the author usually ends his post with a question for his readers. However his attempts at engaging his readers doesn’t seem to work very well since there aren’t that many comments. I think the length of his posts might be the culprit preventing the average reader from finishing his entries. It might be some other factor but shortening his posts might be worth a try.

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