Apperture Priority


Apperture Priority

The blog?s author is a Malaysian photography buff, therefore, it showcases a lot of his photos. In his posts, he talks about his personal experiences especially in places he hangs out in and in lifestyle events he takes part of.

Visual Aesthetics ? 7

To create an artistic male feel, the blog uses a predominantly black theme with fonts in reverse white. The black background allows color photos to stand out within the page. Being a camera buff, the author includes a lot of his photos in the blog.

User Friendliness ? 7

The site is navigable, neat and easy to read. Even though it is predominantly black, the posts and the colorful pictures give the blog a friendly impression.

Reading Enjoyment ? 6

Despite the fact that the author is from Malaysia, the blog is written in English. However, there are some misspelled words as well as minor grammatical mistakes. The posts are like annotations of events he either attended or covered which, while recognizable to Malaysian readers, may not be that interesting to non-Malaysians. Comments to posts are sparse.

Useful Info ? 5

The links pertain only to sites that talk about the author?s hobby, nothing more.

Overall Experience ? 6

Although the blog contains several attractive photos, its content is not interesting enough to merit getting bookmarked.