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This blog attempts to be deep. It does this by presenting news and commentaries on society, activism, politics, religion, pop culture, lifestyle and the arts from what the writer, Natalie Davis, terms as a ?peace-and-justice? point of view

Visual Aesthetics ? 6

The blog has a white background with spots of color here and there. The over-all appearance may seem neat although one wonders about the merits of using a three column layout and putting ads in the center column.

User Friendliness ? 6

The white background should actually have made reading the posts easy but not in this case. The author?s use of small gray fonts and even smaller fonts for links and other elements on the margin made reading hard.

Reading Enjoyment ? 6

There is too much attempt at being deep which makes reading quite tiresome. A sense of fun or humor was markedly absent even in topics as mundane as the American Idol contest.

Useful Info ? 5

The links deal with advocacy and activist movements.

Overall Experience ? 6

While this may be a well-written blog, it lacks the key element ? fun. Its obsessive attempt at depth sacrifices entertainment. It lacks sense of humor and is too somber in its approach to everything. I would not bookmark this blog.