The Original Gobbleblog

This is a good opinion blog in spite of its radically right-wing nature ? a fact it declares immediately to its readers via a subtitle. The topics discussed are current and the author uses correct and intelligent English.

Visual Aesthetics ? 6

The blog fails here with its distracting use of a colorful poster of a roadside as backdrop for posts printed in white font. Worse, the use of white font obliterates words whenever they hit a white part of the poster as the reader scrolls down.

User Friendliness ? 6

Though easy to navigate and download, the blog?s use of white font against a colorful background strains the readers? eyes.

Reading Enjoyment ? 7

The posts are well-written and discuss topics that are current. I noticed though that they did not get many comments perhaps because of their right-wing take.

Useful Info ? 8

Although the posts are mostly right-wing in flavor, those who may share a similar leaning with the author will find the links he provides useful for a further appreciation of the topics he discusses.

Overall Experience ? 7

Despite the distracting poster and the use of white fonts, the blog merits a return visit from readers simply because it is a well-written blog by an author who is able to discuss his beliefs and opinions intelligently.