Lost Boy

The Lost Boy

This is one lost boy who has a lot to say about everything going on in the world. This blog is reads like an editorial where the author gives his take on current events, issues, and since this is a blog after all there’s also an occasional post about his personal life. Although British the author’s primary concern, as his blog shows, is the things happening in his adopted country Thailand although he does give comments about world events too.

Visual Aesthetics – 8

It’s pretty simple and I like the image on the header but column where the main body is found just too narrow. The empty gray space on both sides of the main column is just too big squeezing in the posts and making them look longer than they already are.

User Friendliness – 9

Pretty much user friendly except that the default font size used is too small making it reading quite a strain to ones eyes unless you adjusted. Links work fine though and the categories are descriptive and yield apt results.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

Though the blog is quite newsy Matt’s solid and refreshing perspective plus his good writing skills makes the blog really interesting to read. Even if one is not from Thailand Matt manages to make each issue seem relevant and compelling. More correctly he manages to bring out the issues relevancy. Even then his blog doesn’t sound preachy or too opinionated. It’s just right except that his posts tend to get too long.

Useful Info – 7

If you are from Thailand then there’s lots of useful info here regarding current events. However you might as well just pick up a newspaper and read the details there since the posts do not center on the facts themselves but rather on the author’s reaction to the events and issues.

Overall Experience – 8

A blog with real substance. Just a few more tweaks in the blog design and this blog is almost bound for a Bloggy Award.

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