WWE Divas

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WWE Divas

The blog’s name says it all. WWE fans will find a veritable treasure trove of information – news, bios, interviews, pictures, videos, and more – about their favorite female wrestlers at WWE Divas. As this brand of wrestling continues to be a mainstay in television, it is no wonder that a large number of people appreciate such a blog as WWE Divas.

Visual Aesthetics – 8

The blog is visually well-organized overall. It has three columns with categories and archives on the left, blog entries in the middle, and bios and site information on the right. Though there is no clutter, the site’s colors are quite dull – black, gray, and blue. The white text on a gray background also makes it a bit difficult to read. Of course, the divas’ pictures more than compensate for this.

User Friendliness – 8

The links are well-organized so that the user will find the entry they want easily. Pages and photos load fast enough but the videos are another matter.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

Get all the juicy details on the lives of the WWE Divas. You’ll also enjoy reading up on the recent events in the world of wrestling – that is, if you are a fan. If you have outgrown this pastime then you won’t get much entertainment out of WWE Divas.

Useful Info – 5

WWE Divas is purely for entertainment only, unless you somehow really need the information on these wrestling babes.

Overall Experience – 7

WWE Divas is one of those blogs that cater to a very specific audience. If you belong to that group then you are in for a fun read. If not, do not waste your time.

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