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Wishes, SMS, Jokes

From the title itself, the blog is all about Indian collection of Wishes, SMS and Jokes. A lot of people who are into these kinds of blogs will benefit from it, most especially if you want to greet a Indian friend. The blog provides a wide array of Wishes, SMS and Jokes, depending on your preference.
Visual Aesthetics – 8

Visually, the site looks simple. The layout is not complicated. However, it can use some fun colors to match with the content.

User Friendliness – 10

Of course, with its simplicity you will not expect difficulty in navigating the site. Simply click on the preferred category and you will be linked quickly to the page.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

The material in the blog may not be applicable to all but it is useful. It can be a source of ice breaker during conversations. Very enjoyable, especially when translated in English.

Useful Info – 9

As mentioned earlier, the content is useful because it can be used for conversations when you are in a special event. You can also use the funny lines as greeting when texting or when writing to a friend.

Overall Experience 9

The fact that the site can be a source of wishes, jokes and sms, it is a recommendable site. However, the site can use some fun colors or or a better colored template to make it look more appealing to readers.




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