Language Express


Language Express

Language Express is a site dedicated in helping people who would like to learn both Thai language and English language. The site also provides various academic services. People who would like to know more about what Language Express services can either get in touch with the company online or personally drop by.
Visual Aesthetics – 10

Visually, the design is very animated and it is just the right design for today’s generation. Cool, that’s the initial reaction prior browsing through their pages. The site is soothing to the eyes and is something different to the common designs provided in the present day.

User Friendliness – 10

Although there are a lot going on with the pages, you will surely not get lost. You can easily manipulate your way through the site. There are areas where it seems overwhelming but you will eventually get use to the whole site and enjoy it.

Reading Enjoyment – 10

You know you are enjoying what you are reading when you start to have a uni-brow, which means you are totally focused on the site. As I read the site, I had a wrinkled forehead because I enjoyed the words translated from Thai to English. There are other good articles that you may find interesting.

Useful Info – 10

Of course, since the site is a language site. Content are very useful and can be applied in several occasions, say, when visiting Thailand. There are also services that Language Express is offering which can be useful for any reader or for anyone who visits the site.

Overall Experience – 10

Overall, I can say that the site is something that should be seen by people who would like to add a new language to their resume, specifically the Thai language. The site is informative and has everything. Whether you are a old or new visitor of the site, you will surely enjoy Language Express site.



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