Why Do I Bother?


Why Do I Bother?

Honestly, the title says it all. The first post I read was about how bloggers don’t blog for anyone but themselves, and how annoyed the owner of this site is at someone who critiqued his blog. Bloggers, Bother says, blog primarily for themselves. Okay.

Visual Aesthetics ? 6

Not unpleasant, but bland. That’s really all there is to say.

User Friendliness ?7

It’s well designed, but clearly done with a template. That’s fine, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary. There are some fairly good links in text, and a great picture of a cat that apparently loves Spiderman.

Reading Enjoyment ? 6

This site is more or less what one would expect of a personal blog. Some talking about Bother’s career, a rant about another blogger, and then some other daily minutiae. He has a good style, but not a whole lot to say to a reader.

EXCEPT: he has a really good Moroccan recipe posted that I am going to have to try. If he’s going to do this sort of thing more often, there is potential for this blog to rise up out of the bland and into the spicy.

User Info ? 6

Very average. There are some good links in the page, but nothing out of the ordinary. No real information shared in text, nothing unique. Except for that recipe. . .

Overall Experience ? 6

Just a very average personal blog, but with potential, depending on what Bother wants to do.