Drive-by Blogger

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The Drive-by Blogger

Bloggers are everywhere. A blogger with wit is another story. This unidentified ?Drive By Blogger? is an individual who can crack the whip with his wit. He pokes fun at anything, even himself ? after all he does indicate that this blog is ?random as I wanna be.? His random thoughts are mostly presented in list form, dully numbered or chronologically presented. One may think: this guy may well be one of those writers for the Letterman Show?s Top Ten.

Visual Aesthetics ? 4

The site is dark ? as in Black. In reverse type, one would not expect anything funny to come out, but thanks to this resident ?Drive By Blogger,? one cannot expect the usual. The blog entries are typed in white with everything else in pale yellow and blues. No graphics here. No animation. Just the simple predominantly white-on-black text of this bored soul. The design on the whole is typical of blog sites… though it wouldn?t really hurt to put some pictures there.

User Friendliness ? 8

Navigation is a breeze. The blog site made sure of that. Blogspot is known for its friendliness to users, whether they?re the writers (a.k.a. bloggers) or the readers. The lists are numbered and each entry is a different line from the former… though any reader would think of making lists that way.

Reading Enjoyment ? 8

The entries are a riot. Most are quite irrelevant to daily living though psychologists may have a grand time analyzing the personality behind these entries.

User Info ? 3

Let?s face it: no one really cares how another person?s day goes though this blogger has an entertaining way of presenting it. On the other hand, his witticisms are fun to read. For its entertainment value, this blog deserves a 10, but the usefulness of his information remains questionable.

Overall Experience ? 7

For those who have time to spare, sharing this blogger?s experiences and thoughts may be a worthwhile experience. If you love reading, and can wade through sarcasm and wit, this is the site for you. On the whole, it was fun read. But that?s all ? just fun.