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Bloggy Pro

Bloggy Pro is the place to visit if you are an advanced blogger. The author talks mostly about life as professional blogger and dished out blogging tips and advice.

Visual Aesthetics – 9

Very simple clean sectioned look. Fonts and spacing are optimized for readability. There’s something missing that I can’t quite pinpoint though. Maybe it’s just due to higher expectations since its supposed to be the “model blog”.

User Friendliness – 10

Although it uses the much used two column layout it manages to be more functional than many blogs. It’s really nice the way the entry for the day is highlighted by making it look like a sub-header with the post title on the left and an intro to the content on the right. The posts are not expanded though there’s enough of the first few sentences you can read to have an idea of what each post is about. The option to expand each post is a plus for me since you don’t have to scroll down down down just to catch a glimpse of the next post. The sidebar contains the usual navigation features including categories, archives, and outbound links.

Reading Enjoyment – 7

All the posts are well written but I have to admit that they are not all very enjoyable. It is obvious that each post was written not for its entertainment value but for the information to be imparted to other bloggers. Some of the topics with a few technical details can get dry. You have to give a thumbs up to the author though for making sure each post contains an interesting bit of information for bloggers.

Useful Info – 10

As mentioned earlier each post contains an interesting bit of information. A very informative blog to help writers improve not only their blogs but also their self esteem as a professional blogger.

Overall Experience – 9

If you are into blogging this is a worthwhile blog to visit. Bloggy Pro is not so much about the technical side of blogging, though it also gives some technical advice, but more about the writer’s side of blogging and how to handle blogging as a professional. Read and learn.

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