Washington Patriot


The Washington Patriot

The title says it all. This blog is written by a person who knows his politics and has just recently vowed to be more balanced in his opinions by making sure he educates himself about the issues before he passes judgment. A very good resolution because because love of country plus love of truth always makes for a better patriot.

Visual Aesthetics – 8

Nothing much too see. Very very plain looking blog that makes use of white text on a black background. The profile photo gives some relief to the seriousness of it all. The plainness is however preferable to the mismatching clutter that a lot of other blogs have. This one screams simplicity and boasts it’s content over it’s look. It wouldn’t hurt to add more images though.

User Friendliness – 8

Average user friendliness with out the perks that more features bring but also without the confusion that too many features also bring. The only missing feature that I would really like to see is the use Categories.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

Very substantial and thought provoking posts. The blog has been outdated for quite sometime with the author making a return just this month after a year of silence. His latest posts are very good not just in terms of writing but also in the content itself. Be prepared for some heavy thinking since this is far from a light witty blog.

User Info – 9

Good analysis of current events and issues. Not much raw information but a lot of opinions that readers, especially his American readers, can chew on.

Overall Experience – 9

I found this to be a very good blog. The author just needs to be able to get back to blogging and post more often and his readership will surely grow.

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