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Big Paw Blog

This is the blog where dogs and cats mix. An informative blog for dog and cat lovers alike. This blog is part of Big Paw Designs, a shop that sells accessories for dogs and cats, but you will find the blog to be more than just a sales pitch. This blog is a perfect example of giving something of value for your customers.

Visual Aesthetics – 8

Very plain yet professional looking blog. The blog will do well to add a bit more images for visual relief.

User Friendliness – 9

Very user friendly with its simple organization making navigation easier. Although categories are used it has a Technorati search to help you find topics. I find categories more useful and convenient though since you get the actual posts as results instead of having to be rerouted to Technorati.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

Concise, well written, and useful entries. This blog might not be something you’ll read for it’s enjoyment value but you can be sure not to be bored either. Though informative in nature it manages to keep from being too stiff and plain. In fact the posts are mostly interesting.

User Info – 10

Plenty of useful tips here for dog and cat lovers. Lots of other interesting stuff too like trivia (Presidential dogs and cats), pet products (everything from food to accessories), and even quotes about cats and dogs. One of the best thing about this blog is that they are great advocates of animal rescue.

Overall Experience – 9

A very good online resource for pet lovers. The blog is also effective in marketing their online pet shop, Big Paw Designs, unlike many blogs that don’t leave the visitors feeling like they want to visit the shop after reading several entries. The quality of posts made me wonder about the quality of their shop. Good job.

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