Chippenham - Flooded High Street

Chippenham Blog

Lovers of coffee, shopping, and picturesque towns like Chippenham and other North Wiltshire villagers this is the blog for you. Plenty of pictures for those who want to see more of Chippenham. In fact there are so many pics that this blog feels more like a photoblog than anything else.

Visual Aesthetics – 8

A very dull template was used but the blog was saved by the really wonderful pics found on almost every single post. Pretty pretty pretty. Except that the way too many links in the sidebar make than side of the blog look ugly. The sidebar needs a facelift.

User Friendliness – 6

Aside from a facelift the sidebar also needs to be reorganized. The links are driving me crazy. The Wordless Wednesday blogroll is just too much. Please use expandable menus for this one. The Previous posts and Archives should also be placed above the blogroll and links. The Google Ads and the clock should be centered and widened to match the rest of the sidebar elements. Barring the sidebar disaster this blog is ok with a passable loading time, very readable text, and average navigability.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

If you’ve never head of Chippenham before this blog will make you want to go. The town should be paying this blogger for promoting them so well. The pictures alone are enough to make each entry enjoyable to, at the very least, look at. Upon reading the text they are not as stellar as the photos themselves but are interesting enough as it tells the story behind each picture.

User Info – 8

No raw facts spit out in this blog but there’s a lot to absorb. What you get here is plenty visual data plus endless facts from the accompanying captions and stories.

Overall Experience – 8

Chippenham Photoblog is what this should be called. Aside from Chippenham photos this blog contains posts and pictures of coffee shops, other beautiful places, and other pretty things that the author takes a fancy on during one of the many shopping sprees. All I can say is pretty and pretty interesting.

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