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My Marrakesh
Marrakesh…the mere mention of the word evokes exotic images and scents in my head. I’ve never been there, though I have always wanted to visit it. After going through My Marrakesh, my desire to visit this city – nay, the whole country – has only been strengthened. Lest you be mislead, this is not a travel blog in the purest sense. As it’s author would tell you, My Marrakesh is a “place for lifestyle and design” – and you are sure to get a lot of this!

Visual Aesthetics – 10
Very very impressive. The vibrant colors are the first thing that would greet you when you visit this blog. Pale yellow or beige on red just makes for a good background. The entries make use of a simple font in black but the myriad pictures dotting the whole blog just makes for good eye candy. It is just like seeing Marrakesh with your own two eyes, I guess.

User Friendliness – 9
Surprisingly, the number of images in the blog did not slow it down considerably. I was able to browse through many entries without having to make a single mouse click. However, I did have to scroll down a lot to get to the older posts since the pictures took up a lot of space. On the right column, where we normally see the links and archives and all those things, there are also a lot of badges of different awards. Though they were impressive, they made me have to scroll down to get to the archives – I prefer to see the content before the awards.

Reading Enjoyment – 9
Content plus pictures = a whole lot of fun. The posts were written well enough, with the readers well in mind. I don’t know if it is inherent to the author or if it can be attributed to the Moroccan air but the posts had a poetic-romantic hue to them. Not bad, I should say.

Useful Info – 10
If you are interested in this part of the world, you’ll love this blog. There is nothing like seeing an exotic location from a local’s point of view. If you are interested in design and art in general, you’ll love this blog as well. I have to tell you, only after a few minutes of browsing through the blog, I already got a couple of design ideas for a room in the house – just by looking at the pictures, mind you.

Overall Experience – 9
Combining content and visuals together, My Marrakesh has something to offer everyone. I certainly would recommend visiting this blog and coming back for more of Morocco. I think we have a winner here!

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  1. Yes, Marrakech is definitely a place which we should visit. Marrakech has an exotic traditional atmosphere and is home to the largest square in Africa, namely the “Djemaa al Fna” which comes alive during the day with acrobats, water sellers, dancers and musicians and by night becomes a huge outdoor restaurant, with numerous food stalls selling traditional Moroccan cuisine. Marrakech is home to the largest traditional market in Morocco and the busiest square on the entire continent. Marrakech is an enchanted place where time can still when you want it to while being minutes from the most modern amenities. Marrakech has a vibrant community of discerning European expatriates.