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Ummm Stuffs

Trendy. Chic. Opinionated. That’s the first impression you get about Mikey when you get to read his blog. And when you’ve become a regular reader, you’re likely to add “straightforward” and “uninhibited” to your list of adjectives that describe Mikey and his blog. Ummm Stuffs is just as bloggy as a blog can be- it’s Mikey‘s personal journal. It’s about life and living for your typical (or not so) British guy.

Visual Aesthetics – 8

The blog uses a default Blogger template with minimal modifications. The color scheme and layout are easy on the eyes. We love the fact that Mikey peppers his blog posts with photos of just about anything- this gives us a great peek into the author’s life. At times, though the photos break the layout by running off from the main column into the sidebar. There are also some sidebar elements that are just too wide for the sidebar area.

User Friendliness – 7

The blog’s user-friendliness is above average, but nothing too spectacular. The copy is adequately readable, with good contrast. Links to external sites and monthly archives are also accessible and prominently displayed. However, the site is lacking in terms of navigability, as the static links are not easily accessible (in small type at the bottom of each post), and there are no prominent links back to the homepage.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

Mikey‘s blog gives readers an excellent peek into the author’s life as he sees it. Not only do you get to enjoy reading Mikey’s musings on love, life, fashion, and what-have-you, you also get to see great pictures.

Useful Info – 6

The information on Mikey‘s blog is only as useful as your interest in the things he talks about, such as shopping, fashion, guys (and also girls, sometimes). There is also not much discussion on Mikey‘s writings. In this regard, we find it to be above-average, but nothing really spectacular.

Overall Experience – 8

Ummm Stuffs is a personal journal- just what a blog was intended to be in the first place. You get your fair share of the author’s musings on life and living, and then some. If you share the same interests, then Mikey‘s blog is a good place to visit every so often.

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