Dr Deb

Dr Deborah Serani

A psychologists blog. Not out to pick out anyone’s psyche but made to educate the general public and hopefully point people in the right direction.

Visual Aesthetics – 7

This is a psychologist’s blog and not an artist’s blog for sure. The Blogger template used is not bad and the images used in blog posts makes the blog look a bit more colorful. Nothing wrong with the way the blog looks but you can’t really say that its really pleasing either.

User Friendliness – 7

The very simple layout makes it easy to get around this blog. As in many Blogger blogs though there’s no direct way to go o the next page or previous posts at the bottom of the page. Dr Deb will also do well to use categories so visitors will be able to find information much easier.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

Despite being educational in its aim Dr Deb’s posts are usually not dry. She doesn’t after all dish out facts only but gives her piece of mind not only about psychological problems, cures, and therapies but about current issues. She also doesn’t sound like a detached doctor but writes bits and pieces about her life as well as anything that happens to catch her interest.

Useful Info – 10

Lots of useful info in this blog. Whether you’re simply interested in psychology yourself or need some information regarding a condition this is a blog you might find interesting. Dr Deb asserts though that her blog should never be used as a “substitute for seeking professional care, diagnosis or treatment of any psychological disorders.”

Overall Experience – 8

Dr Deborah Serani has much to share and does it willingly. She’s helping open people’s minds regarding therapy and is unafraid to share her own needs for therapy as well when she needed it. This blog though educational is not very heavy reading most of the time and is even surprisingly an enjoyable one to visit.

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