Darned To Heck


Darned To Heck

Asked what he’d wear to dinner assuming he’s a cannibal, he chose a tux made from human skin and entrails, citing the reason that in case the appetizers are no good, he can always nibble his tie. This blogger is a firm believer that all things which are enjoyable are also illegal, immoral, or fattening.

Visual Aesthetics – 4

First of all, there are no visuals to judge aesthetically. A photo of the author sits on the right corner and that’s about it. Okay folks, that’s a wrap!

User Friendliness – 7

The plain layout actually works out to one advantage: fast loading. Hardly any links set to confuse readers either (yawn!)

Reading Enjoyment – 7

Really long entries that make readers scroll through instead of actually reading them. In fairness, once given a chance, this stuff is pretty cool and well written. It would do well to break really long entries with a smattering of images though.

User Info – 7

Lots of good blog links here. The tidbits occupying the right side of the page are actually useful info in case you want to help out the animal victims of hurricane Katrina or learn all about the Grant Amazon wish list.

Overall Experience – 6

Leaves nothing to mull about. The “read and forgotten” type. Interesting while reading but not a site you’ll go out of your way to visit if you’re not his friend or family.

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