Twenty Four

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Twenty Four: Communications from around the planet

Twenty Four keeps you abreast of the most intriguing ad campaigns from around the world. The blog doesn’t do a very good job of giving context to its postings (is there a theme or thesis tying all of this together?) and the reader is sometimes left wishing there was more cohesiveness to the project.

Visual Aesthetics – 7

Lots of really vivid pictures wich is nice, but the blog could be enhanced by a design overhaul to fit the them. Since the content is primarily about ad design, it would be nice of the blog itself was themed with the feel of an ad campaign.

User Friendliness – 6

There is just way too much content on the main page. The site takes forever to load with all the images and as I’ve indicated already, the reader is left feeling a bit disoriented upon visiting this site since there is very little background or context given. The blog could use a few “about” posts and a”category” structure to help the reader gain a better footing.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

The featured ad campaigns are very interesting, and sometimes odd, which makes for a great browse. It would be nice if there was an ongoing narrative to tie everything together.

Useful Info – 7

If you’ve got interests in the art of marketing, the site provides some great examples of widely disparate ad styles and techniques. This can certainly be useful in designing your own campaigns. However, the average blog reader needs to exert herself to extract anything of use from the site.

Overall Experience – 7

Twenty Four gives you a taste of the latest in marketing and ad campaign strategies by becoming a canvas of visual design. Unfortunately, the site has a lot of room for improvement and isn’t very accessible from the beginning. It could use a redesign, better navigation, less content on the front page, and at least an “about” section that explained the purpose of the site for the first time visitor.

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