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Sui Mai – A Wai Sik Guide

Sui Mai is a personal food blog that will literally make your mouth water. Focusing on mainly Asian foods, though even touching on the delicacy of various junk foods, the site makes great use of images while taking you on an eating adventure that will literally make you drool!

Visual Aesthetics – 10

The site is well served by a clean modern look and professional layout. However, what really sets this site apart is its great use of images within the content of each post. We are talking about food here and since we can’t currently taste or smell things over the web, the next best choice is images…and they do the trick magnificently.

User Friendliness – 8

Navigation is fairly standard for a blog, though it could be improved significantly by adding categories. Categories would give the site a better sense of structure and would allow the reader to browse by topic, rather than the only current option which is to browse by date.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

Sui Mai certainly knows good food and you can only be enriched by reading along. I’m not even sure that it’s the reading that’s enjoyable as the ambience and environment that’s created along the way. The pictures, in this case, contribute greatly to the overall enjoyment.

Useful Info – 8

The blog would be enhanced if it provided the reader with more actual recipes of the food that is discussed. That way, we could share more intimately in the experience. At the moment, the usefulness is mainly in discovering various new dishes, but the possibility of recreating them are remote…without recipes (hint, hint!)

Overall Experience – 9

This is a really good atmospheric blog that goes a long way to immerse you in the experience of eating great food. The use of images goes a long way, but the site would be improved by adding more details for how the reader could actually partake in the food herself.

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