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A blog from someone in Cagayan, Philippines. The blog is written almost purely in their very own exotic dialect/language making it impossible for outsiders to understand what it really is all about. The author is clearly proud of his own heritage, which is very good for him, though it won’t be making this blog popular world wide.

Visual Aesthetics – 6

This blog definitely needs a template change. Pure blue with a Mozilla Firefox logo on the right, the design just isn’t right for a tourist or town blog. A tech blog maybe…but even then the too deep pure blue doesn’t work. Thank God there are pictures that make the blog look at least a bit presentable.

User Friendliness – 7

Fast loading time. Big readable fonts. Straightforward navigation. No categories. No link to homepage. Very exotic language used. Friendly to Cagayan natives but utterly mind boggling to the rest of the world (unless you understand the language too). Since the blog is aimed for the author’s fellow Cagayan citizens then I would say this is user friendly enough.

Reading Enjoyment – 4

Aside from the interesting look of the impossible to understand letters that are actually words of some language unknown to me I couldn’t say that i enjoyed reading the blog. How can one enjoy reading something you don’t understand? I really did try though and read aloud and it sounded pretty good but weird though I probably mispronounced 99.9% of the words. The pictures I understand but have no idea what they’re really all about. I would like to assume that the blog is enjoyable if you understand it but lacking the ability to judge it properly I’ll go neutral minus one hence giving it a 4.

User Info – 5

Again I have no way to judge this criteria. So a neutral score will do.

Overall Experience – 5

The blog needs a face lift pretty bad and just a bit of tweaking to make it more usable. I have still have no idea what the blog is all about you probably never will too unless you are from Cagayan or know of someone from the place who’s willing to translate the blog for you. People who speak Ilocano should be proud though that someone is sticking up for their own language and venturing to write in their own language.