Cat’s Cradle Creations

Sierra with Yarn

Cat’s Cradle Creations

A super mom lurks behind this blog. One who can cook, loves cats (which her kids seem to enjoy), is great in all things handmade (crafts), very much has a social life (at least in the internet I’m sure she does), and manages a pretty good blog.

Visual Aesthetics – 8

First impression: Green. Definitely green. All that green should make the blog look monochromatic and icky but amazingly it still looks pretty enough. I guess this time plenty of images on the post and the sidebar saved the blog from looking too monochromatic. Since the author has just changed templates yesterday maybe she can still tweak the color a bit. I don’t have any really useful suggestions this time though on which part to tweak since all the greens actually blend! For those who don’t like too much green you can stop griping and switch themes. I personally like the Country Bears theme the best.

User Friendliness – 6

No problem with the loading time though readability is a bit of an issue. The fonts are on the small side making me squint until I remembered to just adjust it using my browser (silly me). The content format is not very usual with the labels and comments found right under the entry title. No problem with that except that the titles should be better emphasized (bigger fonts) since I ended up not noticing the titles several times and thought that the comment belonged to the last entry I read leaving me perplexed as to the “inappropriate” comments. Navigation is simple although I suggest that the categories (Filing) and Archives (Retro) be placed right under Navigation rather than way down on the sidebar.

Reading Enjoyment – 7

A mish mash of entries of entirely different natures. Some are long personal posts, some memes, some recipes, some news, some plain pics, some enjoyable, and some not. Just visit her blog and pick out what interests you and what doesn’t. You will surely find some interesting entries and a funny and unexpected surprise from this family-friendly mom (F***ing my hubby? Where did that come from? It was so uncharacteristic it left me in stitches.).

User Info – 10

A good blog for moms and craft and cat lovers. You can find a good listing of craft and other related books here at the Craft Library. You can even check out some of the books for sale on the same library. You can also buy some Handmade Greeting Cards, and get some really yummy recipes from her Foodie Friday posts. So much moms and other creative people can learn from this blog.

Overall Experience – 8

First of all apologies for the mix up with Bobbarama. The start of your review was mistakenly typed over his and saved just before the hard disk of yours truly crashed. Moving along, Cat’s Cradle Creations is definitely one that reaches out to people. It’s not the greatest blog in the world but it has a very small community caring feel to it. Must be the prayer request on the sidebar and the fact that it invites people to an online bash. Again a great blog for one who loves crafts and a launching pad for moms who want to belong to an online community (just ask the author how to join one she belongs to).