Troll Baby


Troll Baby

A mother of two talks about her everyday experiences in child rearing. With entries that could be poignant or downright funny, this blog contains real accounts of what young moms go through. It’s a nice place where starting moms can learn stuff or it could be an amusing walk down memory lane for the mothers who have graduated!

Visual Aesthetics – 7

The lay-out is clean, white and simple- easy on the eyes while reflecting the light mood of the blog. The components are properly sorted, with the categories, links and other information on one side and the advertisements all placed on the other. However, the pictures at the top could probably be replaced by interesting child/mother-themed images as the blog’s heart and soul is this. More style and pizzazz wouldn’t hurt either.

User Friendliness – 8

High marks for this. The categories are listed on one side so readers can search for entries faster. Good font is used and the comment box is easily seen.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

The blog is a pleasant read, albeit a little boring at times. The author tends to put too much detail in an entry and if you’re not a mother, it may be a little hard to fully appreciate the posts. Nevertheless, funny situations are presented and there is always an attempt at humor and wit.

Useful Info – 8

The blog contains some links to sites that also deal with young motherhood. However, entries are mostly written with a personal sentimentality, so don’t expect an advice column type or how-to-deal-with-motherhood-problems resources aplenty. The light, narrative tone is maintained throughout, so more it’s more a blog for pleasure reading, than for practical information.

Overall Experience – 8

Good writing, honest content, simple design and decent navigation make this site a nice retreat.