One Woman’s Words


One Woman’s Words

Another personal blog, this one follows the life of a young woman from Virginia. It gives the odd impression of combining arts and crafts with web design, and is very individual and unique. Posts are of a fairly personal nature.

Visual Aesthetics – 6

I would probably leave this site pretty quickly just because of the visuals. While there are some nice things going on, there’s just too much happening with colors and patterns. The background is a mosaic, the header’s a collage, and then there are lots of windows with stuff happening. Tone it down, darken the collage, and make more of a contrast between the chosen text color and the background, and you might have a winner.

User Friendliness – 8

There are a couple of unique things on this site: a photo slideshow is very nice, and she has some good blogger resources. Overall, once you get past the very strong visual, it’s not bad at all.

Reading Enjoyment – 6

Jamie, the site owner, seems very nice, but there’s nothing out of the ordinary here, nothing earthshaking. I would probably not linger for long.

Useful Info – 8

There’s some good information here for bloggers on ways they can add things to their sites, and if you dig there are some fairly good links. I’d use this blog more as a place to get ideas than for info, but she has some good ones.

Overall Experience – 7

One Woman’s Words is a site that will teach you some things about blogging, but it’s not amazing or anything. This would be more for friends of Jamie than anything else; it’s very personal and reads that way.