Tricia’s Musings

Tricia’s has a lot of things going on her mind and money making schemes is one of them. She and her husband has almost perfected posting for other sites and still sounding sincere. Another thing that seems to occupy much of the author’s time are memes and joining blog communities.

Visual Aesthetics – 8

Everything is a nice shade of green and looks really organized. Even the blogs are so organized that though they are quite plenty it is not as irritating as it usually would be though of course I’d be happier with a little less of them. At least the other links (both graphics and text) are hidden unless you click on the expandable menus.

User Friendliness – 8

Of average user friendliness thanks to the organization look. I did have a little difficulty finding the archives and categories though so may be they should be placed ABOVE the Google ads or on the left where the About Me is found. it would also make sense to put the Other Pages and Post Hits near each other.

Reading Enjoyment – 6

Though I enjoyed looking at the pictures for the Wordless Wednesday and Photo Hunters posts I noticed that a lot of her posts sound a bit too commercial to me. After finding out that she is a Payperpost member it cleared things up. Reading commercial posts acn be a bit of a turn off but I have to hand it to the author that she at least chose sites that she’s actually interested in and wrote entries that were really substantial though they were of course biased for the sites she had to plug. Her personal posts were pretty average though she does tend to go on about her health.

User Info – 10

She got plenty of informative posts (most likely for Payperpost). She’s into memes but even there you can garner plenty of information. A nurse and herp lover you can find a lot of health related posts and the scattered pet info here and there.

Overall Experience – 8

A nice looking blog but filled with rather too commercial sounding posts for me. At least she sounds sincere in each post and doesn’t plug something she isn’t really into. Aside from that she does make honest money so I’d say this blog is indeed good for Tricia.

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