All That Comes

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All That Comes With It

All That Comes With It is a family blog to the core. The pictures of the two kids are designed to melt your heart and keep any reviewer biased.

Visual Aesthetics – 10

Banning the baby magic this blog is still a winner when it comes to visual appeal. Simple and great to look at. The header is as great as any out there and will immediately make even a single prude feel like agreeing to marriage, family and All That Comes With It.

User Friendliness – 10

Simple and very effective layout. I loved visiting his Archives page, which sounds really weird. The Archives page is Ajax powered and makes for really a really cool and smooth “post finding” time.

Reading Enjoyment – 7

Typical parents that they are Dan and Kerry tends to go on about the kids. Nothing is too cute or too trivial to post about. You will find some really nice stories, funny stories, a lot of heartwarming stories and pictures but as in most family stories it can drag sometimes. Of course there’s the other posts that reflect family life like finances, Kerry’s last pregnancy, gardening, and so much other random stuff that makes up a small family’s daily life.

User Info – 8

Bits and pieces of useful information you can fish out of this place. You’ll find stuff like the price of having a new aerial installed in your roof, the fact that washable paint doesn’t always completely wash off, some really great children’s books (which I’m going to try finding on eBay right after this), and lots off little gems of information you won’t find anywhere but in family blogs.

Overall Experience – 9

A pretty average but really nice looking family blog. Family blogs can be a bore to most especially when presented in a really tacky way. The kids should appreciate their parents’ taste when they grow up and the fact that their family blog really looks pretty good and their pics are all great.

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