The Wedding Blog

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The Wedding Blog

The wedding blog is dedicated to helping every couple get ready for their wedding day. It is full of simple, practical and timely advice that every bride to be and groom will appreciate.

Visual Aesthetics ? 9

The site is very organized and simple. While it doesn?t have the wedding look (satin, pearls and lace), it does give a relaxed feel that is very non-threatening to nervous brides, and clueless grooms. With the simple sketch like heading, it expresses the sentiments of the team behind the site; that planning a wedding is simple and can be fun ? just like child?s play.

User Friendliness ? 9

Brides and grooms will have absolutely no difficulty looking for any information they need. The categories are simply arranged and all the articles are properly linked. There?s also a search option in case you want to look up specific topics. The WP Girls Suck theme is by Exploding Blog and I’m surprised it’s not used more- it’s catchy and slick.

Reading Enjoyment ? 10

The wedding blog is so much fun to read. The articles are informative and insightful but isn?t the least bit dry. It feels like you?re reading advice from a friend rather than someone you?ve never met.

Useful Info ? 10

The information given in this blog is absolutely priceless for anyone organizing a wedding, be it their own or someone else?s. There?s something on every aspect of weddings. There?s even information on various places and other cultures, religions and customs. The writer includes some really practical advice that makes having a wedding that is uniquely personal absolutely easy.

Overall Experience ? 10

The Wedding Blog is a site that every bride must visit, even for those who are not currently getting married. It?s a great source for information and practical advice that is easy to find. The grooms too will appreciate the articles that are specially written for them. They may not get actively involved in the planning but at least with the Wedding Blog they?ll have a good idea of what his fianc?e is doing and he?ll be better able to appreciate her and her efforts.