Plumbutt Chronicles

The Plumbutt Chronicles

The Plumbutt Chronicles

Plumbutt claims that this blog is one man?s struggle against global stupidity. It sounds noble, but actually the entries are little more than a highly opinionated, and rather angry soon-to-be-divorced-Dad’s personal thoughts on life around him.

Visual Aesthetics ? 9

One of the best things about Plumbutt is his original design which is simple, catchy and well organized. Little cartoons or pictures spice up each entry, and the entire detective-comics feel is charmingly retro.

User Friendliness ? 9

Good marks here for being user-friendly and easy to navigate. Sort of like ?A place for everything, with everything in its proper place?? The pinned memo pages are a nice touch.

Reading Enjoyment ? 7

The writing style does tend to ramble on more than necessary, and in spite of the occasional “F” words, it is not as obnoxious as one would expect (see his disclaimer). One thing is for certain though, Plumbutt does not take himself too seriously, which makes you wonder why the posts have a decidedly somber tone.

Useful Info ? 6

Less of a personal journal and and more of a personal critique of topics that took his interest that day, Plumbutt isnt exactly awash with useful links and resources. But for some interesting takes on a range of topics (think the Sopranos, Horseracing and Polygamy – is there a theme here?), his blogs can be worth a read. Oh, and his extensive personal album of photos are a good addition.

Overall Experience ? 8

Over-all, the Plumbutt is a good looking blog and well-organized. Unless you really enjoy his writing style and strong opinions however, the lack of information useful to a wider range of readers could make the chances of a return visit slim.